Helpful hints from Mrs Barnes

REMEDY everyday all-purpose cleaner can be used all around the home.

It is a great spray and wipe on any surface that needs cleaning or dusting. Any messy spills can be swiftly cleaned – your kitchen benches, sinks, bathrooms, chairs, stools, highchairs, toys, – if its dirty, sticky, or grubby use REMEDY everyday!

All hard floors can be mopped and cleaned by simply pouring a generous splash (or two caps if you have a refill pack) into a bucket of warm water. REMEDY Everyday is especially good for polished floors (we love it!) and it leaves an energising eucalyptus fragrance throughout your home.

REMEDY Everyday cleaner contains bluegum eucalyptus oil which has disinfectant properties and can help to repel ants and other annoying insects around your home – wipe out those cupboards and along window sills, especially in warmer weather.

Use REMEDY Everyday to clean the inside of your car – its great for the dash, the doors, - all of those areas that get dusty and sticky - and enjoy the fresh fragrance!

Don’t forget about our REMEDY 100% Eucalyptus Essential Oils which are also wonderful to use at home – a few drops on a damp cloth makes a great leather cleaner, or to dust any wood furniture. Add a few drops to your machine wash for a wonderfully fragrant wash. There are many other uses for our range of oils - have a look at Mrs Barnes’ tips for essential oils in your home, also available on our site.